SuiteCRM is an award winning* enterprise-class open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. SuiteCRM features are comparable to the big names like Salesforce, Dynamics, and Oracle. SuiteCRM scales from the enterprise to the small and medium business sector.

Complete Open Source

SuiteCRM is SugarCRM supercharged.

Tons of feature at free of cost. It’s SugarCRM Community Edition with Products, Quotes, Contracts, Projects, Reporting, Teams, Workflow, Portal, Maps, Events, significantly improved Cases, and enhanced Search.

Save thousands of dollar every year..

Responsive User Interface

Re-designed from the ground up to be responsive, SuiteCRM now renders on tablets and mobile phones. The interface is modern and attractive. The most relevant information has been brought to the front. The result is a bright, contemporary, engaging and easy to use application.


Model your sales pipeline quickly and easily. Free your sales people to do the high-value selling you pay them to do, not the low-value administration they hate. Produce beautifully templated Quotations, control your pricing strategies, make sure your Contract renewals are always serviced and make sure that every lead is followed up quickly and professionally.

SuiteCRM Store

Get lots of the extensions at a very reasonable price to enhance the features and productivity of the CRM. Extensions are built and nurtured by community members and SuiteCRM partners. SuiteCRM has well-developed screening and testing process for the extensions to be selected for the store. After sales support is also mandatory by the creator of the extension.

Customer Portale

Customer self-service is no longer a dream. It’s a snap. Manage all your customer issues through an easy to setup and use website. With secure login controlled from SuiteCRM, your service teams will be instantly notified of customers issues and your customers will know as soon as their issues have been dealt with.


Increase customer retention rate, grow revenue and reduce customer acquisition expenses by automating your support with the SuiteCRM. Get customer queries registered, solved and escalate it to the higher authority whenever it is required with the help of the Case and Email module.

*Recognised at the Bossie Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016.