Enhanced PDF Templates plug-in allows the user to generate PDF for core modules as well as custom modules of the SuiteCRM. Core PDF Templates module allows only to generate PDF for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Contract, Quotes, and Invoices. Enhanced PDF Template extends the core and facilitates to generate PDF for any module of the CRM..


  • Configure Enhanced PDF Template for any module of the CRM.
  • Create dynamic PDF Template for the configured modules and generate PDF from the dynamic template.
  • Dynamic template parsing allows to print the particular module‚Äôs data as well as related data.

How to Use

  • Install plug-in.
  • Enable module to use Enhanced PDF Template plugin via Enhance PDF Template Config section in Admin.
  • Select and submit modules for which user want to enables the Enhanced PDF Template plugin. Selected modules will be available in the type field of the PDF Template.
  • Goto the PDF Template editview. Select module from the Type field and create dynamic PDF Template for the module in question.
  • Download PDF for the only one selected record from Listview.
  • User can also download PDF from the detailview.